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Love on

Let’s make dating old school again.

A reality dating show but in a podcast.

One bachelor, looking for love. Can he find it?

Season 1

Love on Call: The New Reality Dating Show

Stephanie and Dana discuss the how, the why and the who for the first reality podcast show.

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Your Hosts

Dana De Bernardi

Married Woman

Stephanie Colombo

Married Woman

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Currently casting...

He’ll be a good man, we prom​ise!

From our subscribers

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This is my favorite podcast ever! As an avid watcher of reality TV, now I can get the same enjoyment driving to work or going to the gym! Thank you!!!

Chidi Eze

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Talk about DRAMA! I am here for all of the tea. Dating shows are my favorite and this podcast format just makes it even better!

Phyllis Schwaiger

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I love love loved this past season! Please keep the episodes coming, I look forward to all of the weekly episode drops!

Tyler Abara

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